Welcome to Pimmas Family Association 2015.



Pimmas Family Association is a voluntary association of family members
working to reflect on the family history, retain active contacts by arranging
a five yearly family-get-to-gether "Släktträff", by maintaining Home Page -
Pimmas Släktförening, Family Register and Gallery on the Web, as well as
by encouraging continuous dialoque on the Facebook. 

Society consists of members from GRÄGG (SMEDS) family, which derive from:

Beata Jakobsdotter Bjurnäs
Matts Johansson GRÄGG (Smeds) re: Section II in the family register (släktboken)

Their daughters Anna-Maja and Beata, both married to Thors family, later on even
other siblings, as recorded in Section I. I in the family register

Maja Beata Carlsdotter Fant
Johan Erik Mattsson Thors, Section I in the family register.


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