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(as submitted by Peter Haggblom)

  • approx. 3 - 5 lb steak (preferably calf, any other steak can also be used, e.g. flank steak, which is cheaper than calf)
  • approx. 10 - 12 slices of side of pork/lard i.e. 1/2 to 1 lb. (not bacon?)
  • 2 - 3 onions
  • approx. 20 pieces of all spice pepper
  • approx. 1/4 lb butter
  • salt

Cook the meat with peppercorns and bay leaf until tender, save the broth (to prepare it as sauce with milk and cream)
Cut the meat in pieces, spread it out on a long pan, add salt

  • slice and cut onions, spread on top of the meat add 20 pepper corns
  • add salt to pork/lard slices, spread them over the meat
  • add butter on top
  • place in oven, 430 degr, Fahrenheit
  • after appr. 30 min turn around pork/lard slices
  • after appr. 45 min (i.e. after 15 min) mix all the stuff together, turn down heat to 375 degr. Fahr
  • baking time in total appr. 1 1/2 to 2 hours (ready and done when color of meat turns from light brown to dark brown
    and the bits of meat on the top turn crispy. If desired top up with more broth while baking.

To be served with

  • boiled peeled potatoes
  • sautéed carrots (or carrot stew, or other kind of stew)
  • pickles/spiced cucumber (Kosher style)
  • beetroot (red)
  • lingonberry jam
  • mustard according to taste
  • bread and butter


  • fruit compote (made of dried fruit), with whipped cream

Plum compote

recipe by Ann-Helene Stahl

1 "bag" i.e. appr one pound dried plums
1/4 gallon i.e. 4 cups of  water
1/4 cup, i.e. 2 oz syrup
a notch of salt
1 tsp vinegar
1/4 cup, i.e. 2 oz. starch (of potatoes)
1/2 cup, i.e. 4 oz. water
1 cinnamon stick

Cook the plums until soft in water, syrup, salt (and sugar by taste) and cinnamon stick.
Remove the plums and clear up the compote, put back the plums and pour over to a
serving dish, spread some sugar on top, to get a nice surface.

Good luck, taste and add more sugar, according to taste!

It is OK to diversify... try also with raisins, perch or other dried fruit, in stead of plums.

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If you have a recipe that you know is a traditional recipe from Petalax (or Ostrobothnia), please let us know.