by Martin Nordman written in 1990ies

NB from translator VJ Kantola: original text is strongly dialectical and thus may lose a great deal in translation!!! And hence the rhyming is less than optimal! Just try to get the message!


In Petalax village we've got more than you can imagine,
Thousands of acres....
Fishing waters, archipelago, and beautiful forests

Boss in his house is the farmer, wallet tightly near his chest,
In cages he has foxes, minks and [1] the skunks
Tractors, cars and a boat, he has.

Housewife in Petalax, a pride for the farm
Keeps order and the old man in place
Her Beauty of a bride and joy of a lark
make her just wonderful !

Petalax girls, they are the top
With beaming eyes and flashy hair
Fit with curves, and arms and legs
flirting around, but can also say: no.

Petalax boys, they can, and are very able,
Just waiting how to "uncork"
But with girls from outside village problems arose,
You know how it went, when one of those got in.

Hunting in Petalax is very fine
We are the ones who shoot, and are fine hunters
Thinking of those at home, who may starve and freeze
But still they get angry, if  you bring home too much!

But fishing is different, there we are selling
Put aside the big ones , the smaller ones we eat
The fish gage is swelling, the cover hardly closed
Just like when baking,  the dough is growing

Money we do have, but want to get more
but think of us , who do like this,
We pack full the banks in Petalax
And get no more, and go bankrupt

As for intelligence, that' what we got.
We read and write, save on tape,
We've got schools for our young ones
Knowledge grows and all will be explained!

Folks from other villages, they come here
They'll learn from us, we are the ELITE
We wish you all have a clear mind,
Well... Petalax is best, clearly on the top!